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  • Vote with mobile
  • No more manual vote counting
  • Do it in closed group or open to public
  • Make voting transparent or anonymous
  • Flecible voting environment to meet your polling needs
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Simple on Mobile

Simply vote on polls created by others you are interested with. You can pay attention to specific categories of topics as well!

Voting History

Check polls you’ve joined, view overall result of polls you participated.

Create a Poll on the Fly

Create a public poll from your mobile easily to reach all UnoVOTE users and get public response.

Time Saving, Less Hassle

You can create private polls for non-public purposes. Do it over physical meet, or assign identity-specified voters.


Faster Access


App Productivity


Battery Saving

Closed Polling

Create your private poll, by inviting identity-specified users, or by QR code for attending-only users/audience.

Real Time Result

Immediate show of polling results upon voting completion. Result will be auto-updated on real-time basis before voting session is ended.

Time Specific

Flexible in setting voting session starting time, and duration allowed for the voting of question, for superior time control and management.

Voting Power

Individual invited to vote can be assigned with pre-defined voting power/share, for poll involving voters of different voting power.


Pick One For Your Business Need

M-Voting is all ready here, why still waste time counting votes manually.

RM 7.00 /Voter
  • 10 Questions
  • Online Support
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RM 8.00 /Voter
  • 50 Questions
  • Online Support
  • Data Export
  • Invite Voters
  • Set Poll Duration
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RM 20.00 /Voter
  • 100 Questions
  • On-Site Support
  • Data Export
  • Invite Voters
  • Set Poll Duration
  • Assign Proxy
  • Assign Voting Power
  • Anonymity Control
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Note! Prices may vary from location to location due to local taxation laws and conversion rates from Malasian RM.

Impress your Stakeholders with Mobile-Voting

Adoption of Digital Services Boosts your Image and Confidence. Make your event / meeting / survey efficient.

Multi-Language Support

  • Organization Meeting
  • Company General Meeting
  • Academic Survey
  • Educational Training
  • Stage Interaction
  • Campus Election
  • and etc.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Does UnoVOTE provide custom package?

Yes. Shall you need a different specification of UnoVOTE m-voting platform, feel free to contact us here.

Can I set time limit for my poll?

Definitely. We hope that you can manage your poll efficiently, by setting duration limit to each of your poll. This way you can be sure that you don’t run away from your scheduled agenda.

Can voter assign proxy for voting?

Yes. Proxy can be assigned by selected voter in a private poll. Proxy assigning is only for physical m-voting where presence of voters is required.

Can voter change their vote?

As long as a poll is not closed, which can be set by poll creator, voters can change their vote. Only their latest votes will be counted. Once the poll is closed, no more changes is allowed.

Is voting anonymous?

It can be, depending on your required mode. UnoVOTE enables both identified and anonymous voting.

How do I make sure only selected users can vote?

For private poll, you can either invite specific users to vote over invite-only access, or present a QR code to selected audience for a physical meeting with only invited users.

How do I show my private poll results?

Private poll result will be available to all participated voters over their mobile app, while as the poll creator, you can view and export the poll result from the web system.

Can I assign different voting power to all voters?

Yes. In a Private poll, you can assign different voting power to different voters.

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